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Upon first glance, Akia Brown may appear to be a simple, down to earth girl from around the way. Although her roots are attached to humble beginnings in one of the country’s most notorious cities, the accomplishments and overall direction and outcome of her life tell a story of a much more complex woman.

“Love Beyond Love” “Beyond Love” is a soul-baring, inspiring, darn near the unbelievable tale of one woman’s undaunted will and determination to overcome all obstacles and unfathomable odds on her journey to success, happiness, and a true love; BEYOND LOVE.


At some point, EACH OF US has to set priorities
While the building game and writing bring Akia professional gratification, being a wife and mother is what she’s passionate about. Together Akia and her husband Brian have 4 kids, and a total of 6 children from other relationships. “Creating a whole new life force is the most important job I could have; it’s an honor, a blessing. Becoming a parent taught me, unconditional love”. At some point, EACH OF US has to set priorities and even re-prioritize. This is the hierarchy of my life:







What are the core elements that make up the basis of your relationship?



After graduating from Eastern Michigan University, Akia pursued a career in the building industry. She broke into the game by working with Jenkins Construction and Ghafari Associates LLC as a project coordinator and document controller. As an African American woman in a male-dominated environment, Akia learned the ropes, took pride in mastering every task, and overcame workplace adversity and stereotypes by being excellent. The born entrepreneur was assigned secure outside vendors; she saw and seized an opportunity and formed Brown Community Builders; creating jobs and another revenue source. Real Estate is just in her blood; at 19 Akia saved $5,000 in a shoe and purchased her 1st investment property. In less than 3 months, she flipped that home, brought 2 more [which remain in her family to this day], and became versed in the house flipping, rehabbing, mortgage, and property management games. When she realized that she could save money and make her business more efficient, she earned her real estate licence in both Michigan and Georgia and a builder’s license even though it took her 3 times to pass. When the market fell and fluctuated, the feisty Akia just reinvented herself and thrived with the times; she currently owns close to 30 properties.


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Akia’s unwavering commitment and undaunted selflessness served her well when she stood by her husband’s side through thick and thin. They had a bond beyond comprehension...she stood by his side for nearly 10 years when he served time on a cocaine conspiracy conviction. “We aren’t living some Huckleberry life…but we are happy!”



LET YOUR NAYSAYERS BE YOUR MOTIVATORS! When I was in the 9th grade I got pregnant with my oldest child Deandre, I was only 15. I’ll never forget the day my Northwestern High School administrator told my mother that I “wasn’t going to be nothing but a welfare momma!” I was determined to prove her wrong. I enrolled in Catherine Ferguson Academy, attended Summer School every year and graduated with honors-1 year early! ​ REMOVE CAN'T from your vocabulary. There’s not a dream or goal you can’t achieve. Use pain as motivation Embrace your fears, turn it into fuel for success and perseverance. Refuse to acceptance! ANY form of abuse Do not equate abuse with love. [NEVER TOLERATE IT] Know that it’s OK to reinvent yourself. You have to rejuvenate [spa day, makeover, retreat] DO NOT GIVE UP!


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When it comes to people, the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”; BUT when it comes to books, that cover better be right! ​ A lot of elements go into creating the perfect book cover; a clear and creative concept, impeccable design, a skilled photographer, lighting, killer clothes and flawless hair, make up and nails...but for Akia Brown the main ingredient was LOVE!



Although I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my life and feel so very blessed with my wonderful family and loving husband, I still have my dreams! I think it’s healthy to visualize and reach for the things you aspire to. I’m an Aquarian so I think we are never completely satisfied, so as for my list of dreams, this is just the beginning: ​ Being the Lead Builder on my dream house. Conceptualizing and building a beautiful subdivision for young, and low income parents. Become a NY Times Best Selling author. Be a blessing and inspiration to teen moms and women around the world. Live my life with my children and husband in peace. (I’ve endured enough DRAMA to last a lifetime!)



Akia has proven time and time again that she can achieve and persevere through any obstacle that’s put in her path. Her dedication to her personal development, her children and her husband go deeper than normal comprehension; the best way to describe it is BEYOND LOVE. Even the most loving relationships can get mundane or caught up in the mix of everyday life. Here are some of Akia’s tips to keep the fires burning strong! Do something new; there’s a difference between COMFORTABLE and BORING. If you are tired; WAKE UP and pay attention to your mate! SPICE IT UP; try something new and out of the box. If your mate expresses a desire; validate it with ACTION! Pleasing your mate should BRING YOU JOY; find ways to demonstrate this BE CREATIVE. If you don’t someone else might BE PATIENT; listen and pay attention and be sensitive to timing

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In honor of Akia’s 40th birthday, B.M.B Entertainment’s event planning company Bringing Memories Back and Trea Day Management & Publicity rolled out a purple carpet extravaganza in her Motor City hometown at the breath taking Roostertail Entertainment Complex situated majestically on the Detroit River.

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